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One of life's greatest gifts comes when we realize the things we have in common are greater than the things that make us different, one from another. This Olympic lookback as I prepare to report from the #TokyoOlympics this year, hearkens back to a moment when I stopped in a shoot to just observe people meditating and praying at a Buddhist shrine in Seoul, South Korea. When I stopped labeling where I was, who I was with & just watched, I could see the same expressions in these beautiful Buddhist faces as the faces of the faith of my upbringing. I could see in their extended arms and hands, the same reach for light as those across the waters where I grew up to learn to reach for light when times were troubled. Light is always there, for everyone, if we will only reach back to receive it. This story reminded me, as the story says, it's about the reach. If you feel light when you watch this, please share the post and invite others into a commonality that will nudge this hurting world to peace on earth and true goodwill toward all of man and woman kind.

Reed Cowan

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