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In the months ahead, you may use this blog as evidence that on an early Sunday morning, I woke up with a view of the world that needed brightening. I hope you are right. I hope you are able to take these words, and knock me over the head with them, proclaiming: "See! The world was all sunshine and roses! Your dim view on that random Sunday was just that...dim. Dim witted." However, in the event that my concern that we are divided and could likely get even more divided as the political seasons heat up, I want you to remember two people I met as a journalist this week who remind me we need each other and the power of giving back to our communities.


This month, San Francisco's iconic Golden Gate Cookie Factory turns 60. Owner Kevin Chan has picked up the cookie-torch as his mom Nancy ages. He told me that other cookie companies outsourced their businesses to big warehouses to make millions of cookies and big money. Not Kevin. He believes in community and keeping his business a local touchstone for international visitors who will leave San Francisco with favorable feelings of his town and his people through his family's contribution.


Basketball pro Kenny Woodard lost his mom to violence when he was just seventeen years old. She was a single mom who struggled to give Kenny more while working to complete her education and better her life. When she was killed, Kenny lost his way. But others saw potential in Kenny and helped him pull himself out of trouble that came from losing his mom and his way in the difficult months after the tragic loss. When Kenny couldn't see his way forward, others saw his talent and showed him horizons he couldn't yet see. Fast forward past scholarships, team wins and a turn to play pro, Kenny is giving back. I caught up with him paying kindnesses he received during difficult days forward with the youth of Marin County, California.

Watching these stories, you know what? My view of division was too dim for this or any morning. Thanks Kenny and Kevin for showing me how having a generous spirit focused on giving back creates world peace one person at a time.

Love to you all this week! I'll see you Monday evening on my Facebook page for #PorchlightTV


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