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Hello friends,

Some stories just beg to be told. The story below is one such story from my time in Pyeongchang for the Olympic Winter Games. We got a tip that a living art display existed on the beaches of South Korea at the edge of the sea of Japan. We found our way to the water's edge and sure enough, there were life-sized art displays built by loving hands following the dreams of artists. Before we rolled one second of tape, my photographer and I just sat back and paused, looking less at the art, and more at how people reacted to the art; how the art changed how people interacted with each other. I think you can see what was born of this mindfulness.

If something in this story touches you, please hit share and let the world know what it means to you. As I get ready to deliver #ReedCowan coverage of the #TokyoOlympics in a matter of days live from Japan, I want to know what matters to you.

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