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Darrin Reed Cowan
journalist, writer, filmmaker


Hello friends,

     I'm grateful for your interest in my work as a journalist, filmmaker & writer.  Thank you for learning about my story.  I believe in stories. 


     For decades I've told stories from all over the world with a unique perspective of being the father of a diverse family and the first out LGBTQ anchor in Salt Lake City and one of only a handful of out LGBTQ evening anchors on local television in the United States. My career is proof LGBTQ anchors and storytellers can and should lead afternoon and evening newscasts as well as the importance of diverse storytellers representing on the air in this great country.  


     For years, I've taught viewers and audiences a phrase solidly rooted in my core values:  

     "Every life has a story.  Every story has a lesson.  Every lesson has the power to change the world."  


     What's your story?  What's your story's power to change the world?  Let's get to work.

Darrin Reed Cowan




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