Darrin Reed




Hello friends,

     I'm grateful for your interest in my work as a journalist, filmmaker and writer.  Thank you for learning about my story.  I believe in stories. 


     For years, I've taught viewers and audience members a phrase solidly rooted in my core values:  "Every life has a story.  Every story has a lesson.  Every lesson has the power to change the world."  

     I hold the values of this teaching dear, because I am a storyteller who always tries to weave in to words the humanity we all share. 


     Because each story is vital, and in respect for the viewers and readers, I know how to cut out what is not essential, and intuitively find the way to what is most essential about each story.  


     What's your story?  What is your story's power to change the world?  Lets get to work.

Darrin Reed Cowan




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